D73 - The Gentle Curling Brush 15mm

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D73 - The Gentle Curling Brush 15mm

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For gentle curling and styling, we've added ball-ends to our flexible nylon bristle to our classic radial.

What does it do?
Our single ball-ended bristle gently styles and curls. The 15mm diameter barrel enables you to get close to the scalp to generate extra root-lift and volume.

How does it work?
• Ball-ended bristles are gentle on the scalp
• Flexible bristles respond to contours of the head
• Small barrel size generates extra root lift
• Ergonomic handle shape maximizes grip and tension

Perfect for:
• Rapid Blow-drying
• Curling
• Straightening
• Blow-styling
• Volume
• Lift
• Body
• Styling Shorter Hair